Teamwork has the following main roles in the enterprise:

First, the goal is the wizard function. The team spirit is cultivated, so that the employees work together and twist into a rope, and work towards a goal. For a single employee, the goal that the team wants to achieve is the direction in which they work hard, and the overall goal of the team is broken down into small goals. Implemented on every employee.

Second, the cohesion function. Any organization group needs a kind of cohesiveness. The traditional management method is to dilute the needs of personal feelings and social hearts through organizing the system's top-down administrative instructions. The team spirit is through the cultivation of group consciousness. Employees in the long-term practice of the habits, beliefs, motivations, interests and other cultural hearts, to communicate people's ideas, guide people to create a common sense of mission, sense of belonging and identity, and in turn gradually strengthen the team spirit, resulting in a strong Cohesion.

Third, the incentive function. Teamwork relies on employees to consciously demand progress and strive to look at the best employees in the team. Incentives can be achieved through normal competition among employees, and this incentive is not simply based on material, but also recognized by the team and respected by other employees in the team.

Fourth, the control function. Individual behavior of employees needs to be controlled, and group behavior needs coordination. The control function generated by teamwork controls the individual behavior of employees. This kind of control is not a hard force from top to bottom, but from hard control to soft internalization control, from controlling employee behavior to controlling employee awareness, from controlling short-term behavior of employees to controlling their values ​​and long-term goals. . Therefore, this control is more lasting and meaningful, and it is easy to get into the hearts of the people.

A good team spirit is the true core competitiveness of the company. It creates a mechanism and an organizational climate that allows team members to maximize their potential and generate the power of one.